The life story photographer

My name is Dusan Sebo. I was born in a beautiful mountainous country, Slovakia, and became a scientist. I got a PhD degree in geography where I could contemplated in the harmonious coexistence of people and nature.

Overwhelmed by science I took the offer of my friends – scaffolding in Norway. We moved to Oslo with my amazing wife and son in 2014. Since then I combined scaffolding with my lifelong passion for freelance photography. We spent almost four years in amazing Oslo but our hearths asked for comeback to Slovakia. Although most of my photography work is recently carried out in Slovakia it’s very easy for me to work abroad.

My deep interest in photography has grown with my desire for travelling. My heart always lied in meeting new people and hearing their life stories. I simply love to grasp the beauty of ordinary life. Aiming on people stories I have uncovered my passion for capturing wedding moments. I would be honored to be a part of your wedding story and make sure through the wonders of photography that you can easily return to your precious moments later, as your life journey will continue.